High-Speed Business Internet Service

Connection speeds, reliable networks and web hosting capabilities that were all designed with your business in mind. There are unlimited possibilities with Long Lines High-Speed Internet business service.

Long Lines Internet provides the functionality, speed and security that your business needs and that your customers expect. Whether you are a small, growing company or a large, thriving corporation, we offer various products and equipment that will allow you to easily communicate and boost your business.

A secure and protected website should be a key feature in your customer service plan. Our web hosting packages were designed with small and large businesses in mind, with varying security features, storage space and email accounts available.

Long Lines offers various types of connections, depending on your business needs and service availability

T-1 Connection

Businesses that typically use T-1 connections need the reliability of an alarmed and monitored circuit system. A T-1 connection is a separate business class of service, with a constant speed of 1.5 MB running end to end, creating a reliable network.


Ethernet has a higher bandwidth potential than that of a T-1, DSL or Cable connection. Large businesses typically need the Ethernet capabilities and larger bandwidth for speed. An Ethernet connection is also able to handle multiple users.

Long Lines is an internet service provider that offers an array of services for companies, including business phone and television service, plus fast internet with T-1 connections. Contact our team now to discuss getting fast internet services, internet security, and wireless internet (business WiFi).


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