Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

One Network, Multiple Locations

Using a network system that has to re-route data from site to site to communicate wastes valuable time and resources, MPLS network technology can change all that.

With MPLS, you can connect multiple locations with one networking solution. MPLS Networks are not appropriate for every situation, but they do provide the following benefits:

  • Control over network infrastructure
  • Better performance, reliability and efficiency
  • Multiple classes of services to user base
  • Supports multiple technologies or traffic types
  • Supports legacy protocols while migrating to an all IP network
  • Provide a disaster recovery plan for your business

With MPLS, your business can be...


MPLS networks tie all of the different data transport methods together (any-to-any connectivity), allowing you to choose the most effective and efficient technology for each business location.

Fully Meshed

MPLS circuit lets all of your locations talk to each other, serving as a translator. You no longer have to designate a host site or deal with major network upgrades. Because all sites have equal access they can share data even if another site is down, providing a disaster recovery solution for your organization.

More Profitable

MPLS networking makes it easier to quickly add bandwidth to any company location, providing better performance, reliability and efficiency. By giving your employees the right tools to increase productivity, you will increase your profitability as well.

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