Home WiFi

Getting a WiFi signal everywhere you want in your home can be a real challenge.  That's why Long Lines Broadband offers two in-home WiFi services to meet a range of connection needs.

Get fast, reliable SMART WiFi in every corner of your home! 

Leveraging the latest advancements in WiFi technology, Long Lines Broadband Smart WiFi takes your online experience to new heights with:

  • Simultaneous HD video streaming to multiple devices;
  • Blazing fast speeds up to 1 Gig for extreme online gaming
  • Outstanding range and performance blankets your whole home with WiFi and even reaches outside around your home!
  • Self-healing technology to keep WiFi network optimized! 
  • NetValet management app gives you more control of your network - change passwords, set up a separate guest network, set parental controls and more! 

Download NetValet from Apple App Store or Google Play! 

For larger homes, Long Lines Broadband Smart WiFi can be paired with up to 4 Mesh Units to ensure you have outstanding WiFi coverage no matter where you are in your home; even in your garage or backyard! 

Fast and Secure WiFi Options are Available

Both services deliver a fast, secure and reliable WiFi, but if you have WiFi coverage problems in your home, or if your household does a lot of video streaming, then Long Lines Broadband Smart WiFi is for you! 

FeatureWhat it Means for YouStandard WiFiSMART WiFi
Secure ConnectionKeep your home network privateüü
Uses Latest WiFi ProtocolsFaster, more reliable signalsüü
24/7 Local Tech SupportWe're here when you need usüü
Extendable Mesh NetworkGet dependable WiFi in every room, even outside your home on porches, patios, gardens, yards, etc. with the right setup.  Strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout desired areas!ü
Video Stream PriorityPrioritization set for streaming video like Netflix, HuLu and other services.  No buffering due to other uses on home Wi-Fi networkü
WiFi Noise CancellingReduces interference from other competing networks. Automatically steers to best channel and frequencyü
Connection SteeringGet best possible signal and speed as you move from room to roomü
NetValet - Handy Management AppEasily change SSID and set up a guest network, change passwords, set parental controls, and more! Download NetValet from Apple App Store and Google Playü

Professional, Worry-Free Installation

Our trained technicians will set up your WiFi network and make sure all your devices are working before they leave.  It's a hassle-free, easy to schedule installation experience! 

Call us today to get the WiFi service that's right for you!