High-Definition Terminal with DVR

Get the most from your digital cable with a digital video recorder (DVR) and high-definition (HD) television set-top that decodes, records and plays in HD format

The DVR terminal combines the extraordinary features of digital cable — great programming options, interactive program guides, and commercial-free, CD quality music — with dual tuner digital video recording and the incredible picture quality and sound of high-definition television (HDTV).

The dual tuner lets you do two things at once: watch a live program while recording another, record two programs that are on at the same time, or even watch a previously recorded program while recording another! If the phone rings or you need to leave the room, you can simply pause the broadcast, and resume watching when it's more convenient. An instant replay feature lets you quickly review what you just saw.

An integrated 160 GB hard drive lets you record up to an estimated 90 hours of standard digital TV or up to an estimated 20 hours of HDTV. You can maintain a personal library of your favorite programs to watch whenever it's convenient.

Take home entertainment to a whole new level! Record digital and HD programming, and watch them on your schedule...all with one versatile set-top terminal.

  • Pause, rewind and replay live digital and HD broadcasts
  • 2-HDTV tuners for increased watch and record options
  • Large hard drive allowing for more storage
  • HDTV and DVR functionality in one unit
  • Full feature access from front panel
  • Front & rear panel L/R audio and video inputs
  • Internal 160GB hard drive

DVR/HD Equipment $15.95/month 

High Definition (HDTV) without DVR

This hi–tech terminal supports a powerful combination of interactive and entertainment services, including Long Lines HD and VOD!

  • Supports 16 x 9 HDTV and Dolby 5.1 services, giving you the most vivid picture and amazing sound you have ever experienced from television!
  • Integrated High Definition decoder, eliminating the need for you to purchase an expensive HD tuner.  This terminal tunes in all Antietam HD channels! 
  • Universal Remote Control, so you can control multiple devices, such as VCR, DVD player, TV, etc., with just one remote! 
  • Supports Interactive Program Guide with Parental Control, so you can...Search what's on by time, title or category! Set reminders so you won't miss your favorite program! Order pay per view movies with the touch of a button!  Parental controls let you block programming by title, rating, or entire channel! Channel surf with the flip bar!  Find out what's on the other channels without leaving the program you are watching!
  • Gives you access to all the features of Antietam Digital Cable, including: more movie channels at no additioanl charge wtih a premium channel subscription, more sports, movie and variety channels, more digital music and great college and professional sports packages!
  • Access to all additional tiers of programming services, including Expanded Basic, Broadcast Basic, Multi-Channel Premium and InDemand Pay-Per-Vew services.

Monthly rental:


DTA - Digital Terminal Adapter

A Digital Adapter is a one-way piece of equipment that allows an analog TV to display channels that have been transmitted over the cable network in a digital format. It is quite small – it can easily fit in an average shirt pocket. 

DTAs come in the regular and Premium versions.. The regular DTA allows you to view the digital signal on your older analog TV or Flatscreen without an internal QAM tuner. It does NOT have advanced features like Video On Demand, digital music, Interactive Program Guide, parental controls, or access to the wide array of channel offerings on Long Lines Digital Plus, Sports Plus, Premium movies or HD levels of service.

A PREMIUM DTA will allow you to view HD channels and subscribe to Premium Channels, Sports Plus. and the Spanish Tier. It does not provide access to the Interactive Guide or Video On Demand.

Monthly rental: PREMIUM DTA - $3.95/month