Get liberated! Go Digital

With Long Lines Digital Cable, you have the benefits of advanced technology made easy! Enjoy the choice, control and convenience of low cost, local cable service with NO EQUIPMENT TO BUY. That's right - digital pictures and sound over your existing television set! And that's just the beginning.

Movies and More

With On Demand, every time you sit down to watch TV, you have thousands of choices right at your fingertips, and your choice plays INSTANTLY - whenever you want it to. Up to 15,000 programs - from FREE popular shows, to low-priced blockbuster Hollywood movies to exclusive local content - there's always something to watch!

Extra Channels of Premium Movies!

When your subscribe to your favorite premium channel, you get "multi-channels" that go with them at no extra charge. You'll also have access to their mobile app for your favorite mobile device so you can watch your subscription channels anywhere and anytime.

Image of Young couple watching TV

Order Starz

  • Starz
  • Starz HD
  • Starz On Demand
  • Starz Edge
  • Starz Cinema
  • Starz Kids & Family
  • Starz in Black
  • Starz Comedy


  • Encore
  • Encore HD
  • Encore On Demand
  • Encore Action
  • Encore Classic
  • Encore Mystery
  • Encore Black
  • Encore Westerns
  • Encore Family

Order HBO

  • HBO
  • HBO HD
  • HBO On Demand
  • HBO 2
  • HBO Signature
  • HBO Zone
  • HBO Comedy
  • HBO Family

Order Showtime

  • Showtime
  • Showtime HD
  • Showtime On Demand
  • Showtime Extreme
  • Showtime Showcase
  • Showtime Beyond

Order Cinemax

  • Cinemax
  • Cinemax HD
  • Cinemax On Demand
  • MoreMAX
  • ActionMAX
  • ThrillerMAX
  • OuterMAX
  • Max Latino
  • 5 StarMAX
  • MovieMAX

TV Guide Interactive Program Guide with Parental Control

Now it's easier than ever to find out what programs are on, and to block programs your don't want your children to see.

  • Search what's on by time, title or category
  • Set reminders so you won't miss your favorite program
  • Order Pay-Per-View movies with the touch of a button
  • Parental control lets your block programming by title, rating or entire channel
  • Channel surf and find out what's on other channels without leaving the channel you are watching

More Channels!

Long Lines Digital Cable offers a huge line-up of today's favorite special interest channels.

  • 45 + additional channels
  • 10 addition sports channels
  • More music video channels

More Digital Music

Digital music is a natural compliment for Long Lines Digital Cable! Check out Concert TV on VOD.

  • Over 50 digital music channels, 24 hours a day
  • Commercial-free!
  • Multiple music genres