On Demand

With On Demand, every time you sit down to watch TV, you have thousands of choices right at your fingertips, and your choice plays INSTANTLY - whenever you want it to. Up to 15,000 programs - from FREE popular shows, to low-priced blockbuster Hollywood movies to exclusive local content - there's always something to watch!


If movies are your thing, Long Lines On Demand offers a wide variety of new release titles, your favorite classic movies, and HD and 3D movies! With many titles available the same day as DVD, before Netflix or Redbox, you don't have to wait to see the movies of your choice! Rent it here first! See below for a list of movies which are either playing or coming soon on Long Lines On Demand.

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Don't have Digital? Call Now!

This is ONLY available with SUPERIOR CABLE TELEVISION TECHNOLOGY! Home satellite services DO NOT have advanced technology like this!ORDER NOW! 

How do I order an OnDemand program?

Follow the steps below

  1. Tune to Channel 1 (or on some remotes use the On Demand Key) to view the main menu
  2. Select a category to access the listing for that category. Press OK
  3. If applicable, select a sub-category to display viewing options. Press OK
  4. Choose a title. Press OK
  5. Scroll to the BUY button to rent a movie for the charge indicated on the screen, or the "eye" icon to view free content. Press OK
  6. Your selection will start to play